Silverband Falconry Birds

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Marshall the Milky Eagle Owl

An amazing Owl from Africa. He one of our larger Owls with his bright pink eye lids there is no mistaking him on our display team

Dumbledore the Whitefaced Owl

One of our smaller Owls but a huge favorite, they will hunt spiders, insects and lizards in the wild. He suprised us last year by laying a lovely white egg. so we should probably change the name to Dumbledora

At Silverband Falconry we aim to show people just how amazing these creatures are. From the speed of the Peregrine Falcon to the awe inspiring power of the Eagle Owl.Through education, entertainment, breeding and conservation we aim to ensure that these Magnificent Birds survive for Generations to come.

Below are a selection of Birds Silverband Falconry use for Displays. For the larger displays we can provide 15-20 Birds making us one of the largest display teams in the country.

During the summer there are often Baby Birds being trained which we encourage the Children to play with, getting the Babies nice and tame and giving the children a unique opportunity.

Watch Incoming Flights, our Facebook Page and Silverbandbirds on Twitter to see were we will be.

An American Kestrel Chick Waiting for Lunch

Pictured left with two members of the RAF Falcons Parachute display team are Norman and Ripley two Silverband Falcons at Windermere Air Show in 2010.

Meet Some of the Flock

Bodacia and Gonzo the Common Buzzards

The commonest Birds of Prey in the UK, often seen next to roads or soaring above the woods and fells around Cumbria and in the Lake District. Looking for Rabbits, Mice and Carrion to eat.

We love our Buzzards they are great for flying to guests at displays and on Experience Days.

Buzz, Woody, Maggie and Milo our Harris Hawks

Notorious in schools for their finale at the end of the  Day, one managed 150 children in a row (that wasn’t eating them by the way).

They originate from North and South America but they have taken the UK by storm because of the way they train and their versitility.

Tassle and Ivy Barn Owls

We often have youngsters we are training. Tassle and Ivy are fabulous Owls for flying and can be seen on Outing with Owls, or in the thick of handling sessions.

Tassle is the Owl who can deliver your Wedding Rings and does so with style. The best delivery was after a reading of the Owl and the Pussycat.

Eggnog, Animal and McQueen the Little Owls

These are the smallest owls in the UK and were introduced from Mainland Europe around 1890 by Ornithologists. They feed on Beetles, Worms and the odd Mouse. They tend to make a nice snack for most UK predators.

Gladstone and Planck European Eagle Owls

Bred by Silverband Falconry, there is normally one of them out with each of us.  They are one of the largest owls in the world and now rather controversially breeding in Britain so watch this space as to where you might see them in the UK. At the moment the Trough of Bowland, and North East Cumbria are your best bet.

Ellwood the Great Grey Owl

The Owl with the best hearing in the world, these catch Lemmings in the wild under upto 50cm of snow. Ellwood is very happy to oblige us with a look at his ears which are amazing and enourmous.

The Falcons

We have several Different types of Falcons, they all have speed in common being the fastest animals in the world. Many of them were used in Mediaeval times for hunting and we can demonstrate how they were trained for that during our spectacular flying displays.

Cadge and Marvo the Ravens

Our Ravens are great fun, always getting up to mischief and causing trouble. They often steal food from our pockets and if you visit our base in Cumbria you will often hear them Shouting "hello" or telling the dogs to be quiet. They are always a huge favorite at our Falconry Displays.

Silverband Falconry travel to you, so contact us to organise a visit. Now there is no need to worry about the extras such as Buses or Little Johnny forgetting his packed lunch.

Whiteacres, Kirkby Thore, Penrith, Cumbria. CA10 1XR.  Tel.07876632912.

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