Silverband Falconry Mammals

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For as many years as we have worked with birds, people have brought rescued animals to us, for first aid and recuperation. Over the years we have cared for countless birds, and we have also dealt with our fair share of exotic animals and wild mammals, including Foxes, Polecats, and a Badger Cub. Many of these mammals have been youngsters which have needed feeding regularly necessitating us taking them with us to work where they have generated huge interest.

The result of this attention prompted us to start a program of work with Mammals. The mammals we use are captive bred.

Rescue animals are destined to be released back into the wild where ever possible to help maintain the natural population and live out a normal life.

All our talks are entertaining as well as informative and include some amazing Mammals which have been sourced from around the country, for our Public Displays and School Visits, including a very special little Marsupial.

Getting your hands on the animals is a priority with the each one used, being specially handled from an early age, and bred for their temperament.

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Bruce the Brown Rat

Go on you think he’s cute really. He is amazing at balancing and climbing and generally surviving in the wild. But Bruce has never been in the wild so he is nice and friendly as well as being really clean, in fact he often stops to have a wash during the the handling sessions on School Visits

Mr Tiggywinkle the Hedgehog

Always a firm favourite. Most children only ever see these curled up in a ball if they see them at all. Mr Tiggywinkle will go for a walk and let everyone stroke him, yes we said stroke him. All those spines are made from the same stuff as hair.

Charlie the Chinchilla

One of the rarest animals in the world in the Wild, they are classed as Critically Endangered, the next stage is Extinct.

They live in the Andes mountain range in South America so need amazing soft, thick fur to stay warm.

In captivity they are very long lived and intelligent pets.

Gizmo and Spike the Sugar Gliders  

Small Marsupials from Australia with a rather unusual method of moving around at night when they are out looking for their food which includes insects, tree sap and flowers. Very unusual critters which are always guarenteed to entertain.

Felix and Jet the Polecats

A Mammal which is native to Britain, they are kept in captivity as Ferrets in the Wild they are known as Polecats. Amazing Predators these small mammals can catch Rabbits twice their size, to help them they have a very flexible body, people are often astounded that he actually has bones in his back at all.