Silverband Falconry Minibeasts

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Our Wildlife interpreters are highly trained, never forcing guests to handle animals they don't feel comfortable with.


Jacinta has always had a passion for exotic animals, so to develop a selection of packages surrounding exotic animals and Minibeasts seemed like a natural progression, especially after the success of Silverband Falconry’s Bird of Prey Awareness and Conservation Package.

After taking Minibeasts into schools and presenting them in our own unique style, we found a huge demand for sessions which are both fun and informative.

Most people, have an Exotic animal they love to hate, whether that be Cockroaches, Scorpions, Snakes but children also have a passion for the gross side of life whether they admit it or not. Our Wildlife Interpreters will engage them instantly with animals such as:

     •     Giant African Land Snails the same size as a Man's Fist.

     •     Scorpions that change colour

     •     A Bearded Dragon who eats his Lunch in front of Children.

All Silverband Falconry activities involve hands on experiences for those who are willing to try. Contact us for more information.

Toady The Cane Toad

The largest species of toad in the world with the females reaching the size of dinner plates. Toady being male, is a little smaller, but still allows people see the characteristics which make him a toad.

They are an alien species in Australia and cause problems for the indigenous wildlife, pushing them out of habitats or through poisoning if they are eaten.

Milly the Mombassa Train Millepede

From Kenya in Southern Africa she has 100 legs and eats dead and rotting vegetation. If she is alarmed she will roll into a perfect spiral with her head in the middle, but she also has another really cool way of defending herself. If you meet her you may find out what it is.

Too Many Stick insects to name.

These are Indian Stick insects and they are all girls. What makes them insects? Why have they got 6 Legs? Why are they Green? Why have they got a red patch on their front legs?

During talks, Silverband Falconry cover all these amazing facts that are essential to the Stick Insects’ survival.

Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches

Everybody loves to hate these, and if we are honest they do have some gross habits. But they are amazing animals, perfectly adapted to living underneath rocks and logs with their hard armoured body and defensive hiss.

Dude the Bearded Dragon

From deserts of Australia in the wild. He was however born in this country and is one of the stars of the Minibeast sessions, notorious for eating his dinner in front of everyone, even though it’s very bad manners, nobody ever seems to mind.

There are many more animals in the Minibeast collection at Silverband Falconry, some you would only meet on courses at our base, such as our Chameleon, others like the Jungle Nymphs, some of the largest insects in the world often visit schools.

Which ever ones you meet you can rest assured that Silverband’s Wildlife Interpreters will have all the information about them that you need and some that you didn’t know you needed.

If some one in your group or school is a little wary then you can rest assured that we would encourage but never force anyone into contact of any form with these peculiar beasts.

Contact us to find out when you can meet them all.