Silverband Falconry School Visits

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Richard's Passion for Birds came from a Primary School Teacher, that passion and enthusiasm comes across when we present the birds in schools.

Silverband Falconry’s "Bird of Prey Awareness and Conservation Package"has been seen in over 400 schools across Cumbria, the North of England and Southern Scotland. We visit many of these schools on an annual or bi-annual basis.

The Smallest School we visit has around 15 pupils and we visit every year they get so much out of it.

Below are details of each visit. Booking Multiple visits for the same day will qualify for a discount. Contact us for more details.

Bird of Prey School Visits

All of Silverband Falconry’s talks are aimed to suit the particular year or age group and our Falconers are flexible enough to cover any related topic you require. They have been known to do that at a moments notice, talks can also be on a cross curricular basis,such is their knowledge.

Question and Answer times can make teachers quake with fear praying that “Little Johnny” doesn't decide to ask some obscure question about hair dressing or the latest toy. Silverband Falconers have heard it all before, and are trained to use that question to steer the conversation back onto the subject. We believe there is no such thing as a Silly Question, some are close but none have qualified yet.

Every School Visit incorporates:

          A Flying Display for the whole School at the end of the day.

          An interactive Talk

          Handling Sessions

          Question and Answer Sessions.

As options we can provide


     Art sessions designed to be unique to us.

          Worksheet packages for all primary year groups.

          Mediaeval Clothing for curriculum based history.

          Organised debates on the various topics surrounding the keeping and working of animals.

Mammal Visits

Cute and furry, many mammals are kept as pets, often in conditions that are far from ideal for their requirements. Our programs have been developed with this in mind, one of the aims being to encourage Children not to get pets or to get the pet appropriate to their situation.

Many mammals are under pressure in the wild now, with some on the verge of extinction in Britain. Birds often draw more publicity than mammals because they are more visible but mammals require just as much help. Again our mammal programs cover these subjects.

All of our Wildlife Interpreters have extensive knowledge of the animals they work with, are experts in their fields and are trained to pitch sessions at any level.

Some of the topics covered include:



          Caring for Animals

          Food chains

Days usually start with an Interactive talk and then run in the form of handling workshops during the rest of the day.

Minibeast Visits

Minibeasts are a difficult subject to cover in schools, given the small size of animals and the  fears Children have pick up from their parents.

With our carefully selected mega sized Minibeasts and understanding staff, Children can see how a Millipede’s legs move when it walks or where a Snail’s eyes are and how it can retract them.

Amongst the topics we can cover are:


          Food chains

          Life cycles


          Predators and Prey

If you want another subject covered then let our staff know when they arrive, they are excellent at altering the talk or Program to tie in with you needs.

How does it work

We realise that every school is different and may have different time tables. It is the job of our Education Coordinator to plan closely with the school Head Teacher or member of staff that is involved in the visit to ensure that you get the very best out of your day. We do have guidelines that we discuss with you that have proven to work time and time again to the very greatest success.

Who Gives a Hoot:

Raf Appleby - Head Teacher - Blue Gate Montesorri School Carlisle "No school should be without regular visits from Silverband. We teach the children about animals but without the hands on experience of a Silverband visit the children's education is incomplete. We love Silverband's visits to Blue Gate and the respect the children learn for animals and the world around them dovetails perfectly with the Montessori Philosophy."

Paul Ashton - Shiney Row School - Sunderland All of the visits from Silverband Falconry are fascinating and Educationally correct. All of the staff are experts in their field with a vast knowledge of how to interact with children. They don't only cover the science curriculum but many Topics and subjects on a cross curricular basis. They work closely with the staff in school to guarantee a successful day. What can I say other than - Brilliant - I would strongly recommend a visit.

Brian Convey - Milburn Primary School - Penrith I have worked with Silverband Falconry for many years and have always been amazed at what they bring in to School. Not only animals etc but in Excitement Expertise and Education. They really do what it says on the box. A visit well worth having.

The most important things that any child can get from a visit like this is EDUCATION, LAUGHTER AND ENJOYMENT

Whiteacres, Kirkby Thore, Penrith, Cumbria. CA10 1XR.  Tel.07876632912.

Animal Activities Licence Holder: Mr R Cooper

Animal Activities Licence Number: 003329/23